Sunday, July 26, 2009

Response Article #2: "Toyota's Solar Wi-Fi Flowers Stalk American Cities

In response to: Toyota's Solar Wi-Fi Flowers Stalk America

Come on, there is no denying that this is pretty damn cute and innovative. I've never seen an add campaign for a car stretch to such ideas as this. I think the original response article took too literally the message that was given in a press release stating that "This fully integrated marketing effort explains how consumers can get virtually everything they want for themselves in a car – advanced technology, extra power, space, safety and 50 miles per gallon – all while providing what nature craves most: fewer smog-forming emissions." I don't think this message fell off the "stupid wagon" like the author of this article believes, I think Toyota is only trying to give the consumer what they want. People buy SUVs and Hummers just for this reason, they want a house on wheels. Toyota wants consumer too see that their Prius, too, can be a house on wheels, but a much cheaper and environmentally friendly house on wheels.

Toyota also plans on creating solar-ventilated bus shelters to advertise the optional solar-ventilation system on the new 2010 Prius, and several "floralscape" living billboards made completely out of flowers. I think these are all very fun and creative advertising ideas and I gotta give toyota my 2-thumbs up!