Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Building of the Week #1

Since I posted about Norwegian architect Todd Saunders yesterday, I thought I would create a posting about one of his buildings today. I suppose you wouldn't really call it a "building" but it's still a fascinating piece of architecture: The Aurland Lookout in Norway.
The lookout is intended to create the experience of leaving the mountainside and coming out into the air to experience the surroundings. All of the large pine trees on the site were left undisturbed, giving even more of 360 degree experience.

Another piece of this structure includes the public restroom site....
This structure has a more rugged and heavier feel than the lookout. Large windows open you up the experience even while you are on the john! The structure is placed slightly over the edge of the cliff, making "peeping" in the large windows inaccessible to the public.

I think I'm going to learn the Swedish/Norwegian language. These countries look so beautiful, I might start my practice over there after college.

Pictures from: archdaily.com


  1. That looks awesome! Very interested in enviromental friendly/green buildings and structures. I will follow your blog since at CAD-art we are interested in greener technologies and designs!



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