Sunday, July 19, 2009

Response Article #1-Spending less time and money in traffic?

Original article/blog: Traffic Congestion Dipping as Economy Falters

I haven't fully thought this through, but I might have some ideas on how to help several of these issues:

First of all...cost. Apparently, each of us spends an average of $750 a year sitting in traffic, burning fuel that isn't getting us anywhere, and wasting our valuable time, when we could be at work making money so we could pay off our gas bill from this morning. I have an idea, let's make and buy cars that don't cost us $750 a year to sit in traffic! I would LOVE to see the average cost to sit in traffic from someone who owns, I don't know...a Hummer, and then compare it to someone who owns, let's say....a Prius. If every car operated like a Prius, the average cost of traffic-sitting per year would, I bet, go under $75. As long as that Prius is just sitting there, it's running off of battery power. I'm guessing that this study takes into account lost time at work, and that's where some of the traffic-sitting tab comes from, so Prius owners are probablly still in the hole, but a much shallower hole than the Hummer drivers.

Second of all...time. Even if all of us did drive Hummers, we wouldn't be spending nearly as much money per year sitting in traffic if there was less traffic in the first place. I say we build bridges, and plenty of them! Bridges takes away the need for a stoplight, meaning people don't have to stop, and then use more fuel to accelerate again. If we could also coordinate our traffic lights more efficiently, I'm sure that would help as well. Uncensored lights frustrate me!

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