Monday, September 19, 2011

Year 1, Project 3: Gestalt Principle: Parts and the Whole

Assignment: Construct three different well-crafted, ordered compositions using the kit of parts/shapes. The three different compositions (boards) are not to be arranged sequentially. Strive to create a unified system of forms and a clear organization of 6-10 defined spaces.

 Kit of Parts:

Base Board: 7 ¾” x 7 ¾”
3 rectangles: 5/8” x 2-9/16”
5 rectangles: 3/16” x 1 ½”
5 squares: 5/16”
7 circles: ¼” diameter
2 arcs: (1/4 circle) 1 ¾” O.R. x 3/16” thick

Boundary – Edge
Positive- Negative
Form - Space

This project was fairly simple and fun, though you might be surprised about the fact I was in the studio for about 8 hours the day before it was due figuring out what I wanted to glue down. What was nice about this project was it's limitations. You were given very specific pieces and asked to make space with them. The board directly to the left was selected for discussion during pin up and was complimented as having very nice flow. A path is very clear and the spaces are well defined. The larger rectangles are anchored towards the bottom of composition keeping it well grounded as well. This project runs into the next design project where we have to create our own plan without a set kit.

From this project I learned about the differenct concepts above, especially closure, continuity, and proximity, which I think are present gestalt principles in all 3 of my compositions. I also learned that using a dull blade to cut thin paper is a stupid idea, because it doesn't work at all.

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