Monday, September 19, 2011

Year 1, Project 4: Mirror of Masterworks, A serious inquiry in line

STEP 1: Trace

Choose one photographic image from each of the groups (the image must be no smaller than 5"x5" and not already a drawing). Selection
should not just include exterior views. Enlarge the image to 11x17. Overlay trace paper and with pencil find all of the regulating lines, hidden geometries, proportions, construction lines and any other lines that begin to geometrically define the elements of the building(s). Then with black ink trace over the image and delineate the contour lines (single line weight -SLW) that capture the essence of each image without drawing every line or detail/mark you see.

Lombard St, San Francisco

Alvaro Siza

STEP 2: Freehand Thumbnail Sketches
This is similar to “Step 1” but now the training wheels will be
removed (tracing the drawing). Choose a minimum of 4 new images from the list opposite (have one from each group and one additional). Draw in pencil the regulating lines, construction lines, perspective lines and basic geometries/proportions in your journals. (Do not draw the entire image in pencil first as a background). Then draw in black ink a series of contour lines (SLW) that capture the essence of each image.

Self Explanatory. What's cool about this project was that AFTER countour tracing Lombard Street, my grandpa who lives in San Francisco sent me some money for school. As a thank you for him I scanned the image, inverted it, and framed it in a nice frame and sent it to him. Hope he likes it!

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